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Students of Translation and Interpreting (English) in Amasya University met on the theme of Interpreters in Emergency and Disasters (IED) on World Translation Day this year.

Following the earthquake experiences of August 17 and November 12, 1999, many interpreters worked together to provide the emergency communication required between foreign teams, local authorities, and people.

As Amasya University School of Foreign Languages, we organized a seminar on World Translation Day this year to bring up the subject within the framework of efforts to raise awareness about natural disasters more every day in order to inform students about the processes that can be experienced in natural disasters. In the seminar held under the titles of Basic Disaster Awareness and Psychosocial Support in Disasters with the presentations of Lecturer Can Şahan, and Lecturer Gamze Yüksel. Information about IED (Interpreters in Emergency and Disasters) which continues its studies under the leadership of Istanbul University and under the umbrella of the Translation Association was given. Information was provided by retired doyen Prof. Dr. Turgay Kurultay from İstanbul University.

International Translation Day

By the order of the United Nations, in 24th of May 2017, 30th of September has been officially declared as International Translation Day. In addition to amalgamate cultures, to get along and to exchange, the profession of translation has helped including dissemination of science, development of the literature and the solution of interpersonal problems of all kinds, including social problems. United Nations has taken this beautiful initiative to raise awareness.
Although the decision seems to be new, it has actually been celebrated by hundreds of people since 1953. Since 1991, the International Federations of Translators (FIT) has been celebrating worldwide with a new theme every year, even though not being official. However, the decision of United Nations has made it official. Thanks to International Translation Day, September 30, which is officially celebrated for 2 years, we hope to see better developments for the profession of translation. 

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