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It started as the Foreign Languages ​​Coordinatorship in 2006 when our university was founded and continued its activities as the Head of the Common Compulsory Courses Department. It was established as “School of Foreign Languages” ​​by the Council of Ministers on 08.04.2016 and officially started its activities as School of Foreign Languages ​​and still performs this function in its new building.

The aim of the school is to educate the students of the faculties, schools, and institutes, where preparatory language education is given, to a level where they can follow the foreign language courses.

Our School, which undertakes the planning, organization, and execution of the foreign language programs of the faculties, colleges, and institutes within our university, provides foreign language (English) education to the preparatory class students at our university.

In the building located on Yesilirmak Campus of our university, there is audio-visual equipment suitable compatible to today's technologies, which is crucial for language education There are smart boards, sound systems and 2 Foreign Language Laboratories at our school. School of Foreign Languages ​​offers a quality education and training with its experienced academic and administrative staff.



School of Foreign Languages ​​aims at a democratic structure based on the participation of the majority in order to continue and develop its duties without depending on the existence of individuals. In this context, a democratic structure has been created in which authority and responsibility are shared by defining the working methods and processes, duties and responsibilities of all units at our school.


Based on information sharing and accountability, School of Foreign Languages ​​has adopted the principle of transparency in its management approach, and in line with this principle, it has made the communication between the administration, faculty members and students effective and participatory.