Amasya University School of Foreign Languages was established in 25.01.2016 with 2016/8562 numbered Council of Ministers Decision.

In our world where communication is needed more than transportation which gets smaller. The need for translation services is increasing day by day, because it’s not possible for every individual to know many languages. Furthermore, both individual or mass migration movements put forward the importance of translation services. Due to language and cultural differences, communication can only be happened by means of a translator. In this context, the vision of our school is: to raise equipped individuals that would meet the needs of our country in translation services. As for our mission: to raise translator and interpreters who embraced the cultures and foundations of the languages they’ve learned; to have strong language knowledge; to be expert of technical knowledge in writing-reading, understanding-expressing and translating; to be equipped in consecutive and simultaneous translation; to know the terminology in the areas of science and liberal arts, not to make a concession from moral values and to adapt to the place they are in.