Keziban Orbay

                                    Prof. Dr. Keziban ORBAY


Dear Youth,

In 25 January 2016, with the Decision of Council of Ministers, School of Foreign Languages was opened within our university. In a short time, a sufficient education staff was established, and we meet with you, our precious students. In today’s world where the remote is nigh, it’s inevitable to meet people who speak the different languages. We need to increase the language variety to know the cultures other than ours, construe the behaviours, understand what is told and express. Also, our country needs well educated translators-interpreters in order to reach to the advanced civilization level. Our most important aim is to make you precious youth, who are our future’s assurer, graduates being expert in their department, internalising the moral values, knowing the world, following the developments and being happy and beneficial to the nation.

We welcome you to ancient city of Amasya where you will spend the best years of your life and we welcome you to our university that will widen your horizon and you will be equipped with knowledge.