As School of Foreign Languages, the Department of Translation and Interpretation (Eng-Tr) of Amasya University, in April 2020, we published the special issue of translation studies in Amasya University Journal of Social Sciences, (ASOBİD) which is an international peer-reviewed journal ( The special issue is based on the papers which were presented in the workshop (/publishing-problems-of-translation-research-workshop-in-turkey-was-held) held on 18th October 2019. In the special edition of translation studies consisting of six articles, five articles were written in Turkish and one article was written in English. Two of these six articles were presented as a paper in the workshop. Three of the articles dealt with literary translation,one with translation technology, one with the relationship between tranlation studies and linguistics, and in one article with retranslations. In addition, two of the articles are publications that were produced from the doctoral theses of the researchers. Özge Çetin, who works as a faculty member of our department has a paper entitled ''Translators in Computer-aided Translation Tools: An Ethnomethodological Analysis.''