In the meeting of Council of Higher Education, dated 05.04.2017, adjudicated to be found Translation and Interpreting (English) department within School of Foreign Languages at Amasya University. In 2018-2019 academic year, education and training was commenced to with the participation of 41 students, who are come from all regions of Turkey.

Career Opportunities in Translation-Interpreting

Translation-interpreting services are inevitable between the parties in need of communication of the intersection points of different languages and cultures. Interpreting is implemented simultaneously, consecutively and whispering method. Simultaneous method is common in conference interpreting just like consecutive way in community interpreting such as health and law. Oral translation services can comprise interpreting via telephone or video call besides face to face interpreting. Text translation comprises work areas such as literary translation, official document translation or technical translation. If it needed to be looked in personal document translations, it comprises many documents such as birth certificate, identity card, driving licence and criminal record. For the corporate document translations, localization of web sites may be cited as example. The necessity of translation services is increasing day by day on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. There are also areas of study where oral and written translation are practiced together for instance transcription, subtitling and dubbing may.

Therefore, graduates from Translation and Interpreting department can work in private sector or public institutions. So, their career opportunities are wide:

In Private Sector

-       Translation firms

-       International companies

-       Publishing sector

-       Mass communication sector i.e. televisions, newspapers and magazines

-       Freelance

In Public Sector

-       The Department of State

-       Ministry of European Union

-       NIO (National Intelligence Organization)

-       TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Association)

-       Anatolian News Agency

-       Ministry of Culture and Tourism

-       State Planning Organization

-       Embassies and Consulates

-       Undersecretaries

-       Banks