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                       Head of the Department of Translation and Interpreting (English)

                                               Associate Professor Oktay ESER


        Dr. Oktay Eser is an associate professor at the Department of Translation and Interpreting, Amasya University, Turkey. His post-graduate studies in translation and interpreting were undertaken at Istanbul University, Turkey. He also holds an MA in Business Administration from Istanbul Kültür University. He did post-doctoral research into community interpreting services as a profession in the State of Victoria, Australia in 2018. A translator between Turkish and English, he is a member of Çeviri Derneği (Translation Association of Turkey), and the International Federation of Translators (FIT). His research interests include translation and interpreting pedagogy, community interpreting, translation and interpreting services, professional ethics, and virtual reality. He has published research papers and books in translation studies. His recent books are titled 1) Çeviribilimde Edinç Araştırmaları (Competence Studies in Translation), 2) Translation and Interpreting as Sustainable Services, and 3) Understanding Community Interpreting Services: Diversity and Access in Australia and Beyond.