The conference as titled “Historical Journey of Translation and Copyright of Children's Literature” was arranged by the Translation Club of Amasya University, with the participation of Prof. Assoc. Dr. Necdet Neydim from the Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies of Istanbul University. Prof. Dr. Recep Kürkçü, vice President of Amasya University, Prof. Assoc. Dr. Erkan Çer, head of Turkish Education Department, Prof. Dr. Keziban Orbay, the director of School of Foreign Languages, Assistant Manager Assoc. Dr. Kadim Öztürk, Assoc. Dr. Oktay Eser, Department of Translation and Interpretation (English), and many students participated to the conference. After performing moment of silence and National Anthem, Kaan Sezer, the President of Translation Club, and his advisor of the club, Research Assisstant Alper Baladın and invitee speaker Assoc. Dr. Necdet Neydim gave a speech to the audiences at the conference. Prof. Dr. Recep Kürkçü, Vice Rector, gave the tree planting certificate to Assoc. Dr. Necdet Neydim as a gift at the end of the conference.