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"Publishing Problems of Translation Research Workshop in Turkey" was held by Amasya University School of Foreign Languages. Rector of Amasya University Prof. Dr. Süleyman Elmacı, Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Halil Apaydın and Prof. Dr. Recep Kürkçü, Deputy Mayor Halil Şahin; Director of School of Foreign Languages Prof. Dr. Keziban Orbay, provincial protocol, academic and administrative staff and students attended the workshop.

The Workshop was opened with the greeting speech by Prof. Dr. Keziban Orbay, director of the School of Foreign Languages. Orbay said “It is a pride for us to hold such a workshop in Amasya, which has been an educational city throughout history. We are also proud to do it in our school which was established in 2016, receiving its first students last year and has the only active programme in the region. Workshops, symposiums and congresses where the doyen professors of the discipline meet young researchers. A research struggles against difficult stages from uncovering till publishing. But many researchers have faced these challenges throughout the history of science. Famous scientist’s works such as Einstein and Ratcliffe who won the Nobel Prize in medicine in 2019, have not been liked at first. We must continue to our studies and share it with the scientific world without losing our hopes”

The rector of Amasya University Prof. Dr. Süleyman Elmacı at opening speech said ‘‘Languages are our voice flags of countries. Our Turkish is our voice flag. If we think that people exist to communicate with each other; These voice flags coming together is the most natural or maybe the most needed thing. That’s why, for the correct communication between people, we see that we have to give extra attention to the importance of Translation Studies. Workshops are important events in terms of showing activities of universities, sharing informations, delivering funds to receivers. In this sense, we are very proud that the publishing problems in translation studies will be discussed in the workshop held by School of Foreign Languages. I am thankful to all who worked, contributed to, and especially the director of the School Keziban Orbay and all participants’’.
Rector Dr. Süleyman Elmacı continued his speech by saying “Today, in order to solve the problems related to the future of our country, I commemorate our heroes, who became veterans, martyred in the operations, and our Security Forces abroad. May their souls rest in peace. We have resolved to keep up their inheritance to eternity, and we will never take a step back. With all these feelings, I wish the workshop to be beneficial to our country, university and academic community. I thank you all for your participation.”

Doyen instructor of the field, Istanbul 29 Mayıs University Prof. Dr. Işın Bengi Öner made the opening speech and the editors of our country's Translation Studies Journals take their place in the workshop. The founder editor of Istanbul University Translation Studies Journal Prof. Dr. Mine Yazıcı, the editor of Hacettepe University Translation Studies Journals Prof. Dr. Mümtaz Kaya, and the editor of transLogos Translation Studies Journal Prof. Dr. Ayşe Banu Karadağ shared their experiences with researchers.

In this workshop that is the first activity to be home to the publication problems of translation studies in Turkey. the first activity to bring together almost 100 academicians from Translation and Interpreting Departments of 30 different universities from Ağrı to Edirne apart from Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir in Translation Studies.

The closing evaluation of the workshop was done by Prof. Dr. Turgay Kurultay. Kurultay said “This Workshop is the first to address the publication problems of translation studies and the first activity to bring these many Translation Studies researchers together”. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Nihal Akbulut said “Truly it was a fruitful workshop in which seeds were sown to identify future problems and pursue solutions in an environment of family warmth and solidarity”.

Amasya University School of Foreign Languages Faculty Assoc. Dr. Oktay Eser stated that they would continue the studies under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Ayşe Nihal Akbulut, trying to publish a book as Amasya University and they were planning to turn the workshop presentations into a publication.

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