Quality and Accreditation is Our Priority

The process of quality and accreditation gains momentum at the School of Foreign Languages and Sabuncuoğlu Şerefeddin Vocational School of Healthcare Services. Training for the directors as well as the staff is already underway.

It is known that TS EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certification is a document conferred after the management systems of state institutions and organizations have been auditted independently based on evidence that indicates that they are systematic, defined and and bound by certain rules which can be revised in accordance with the needs of the day and are applied so as to make sure that they be sustainable. 

Being certified under TS EN ISO 9001: 2015 Certification shows that the quality management system is in effect at the workplace. Also, the certification is a quality system certification encompassing all the activities such as human resources, communication, documentation, the assessment of top management, the satisfaction of internal and external stakeholders, design and development. Quality and constant improvement are always pursued in all these activities. It is based on the principle of management that seeks to meet the expectations of the target audience, to support teamwork through effective and transparent processes, and to make sure that all departments and activities are run through and improved. It also requires an institution that aims to increase the quality and effectiveness of management  as well as the products and services by giving priorty to quality.

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The Director of the School of Foreign Languages, Dr. Keziban Orbay stated: “As it isn’t possible for a person to speak many languages, the need for translation and interpreting is getting bigger and bigger day by day in the world in which better communication is needed as it gets smaller and smaller. As the first to initiate the necessary proceedings to get the TS EN ISO 9001: 2015 Certification at Amasya University, the School of Foreign Languages aims to create and implement an effective quality management system academically and administratively. Thanks to this, our school will be able to deliver more reliable and transparent services to its stakeholders. So, the directors and staff at the School of Foreign Languages and Sabuncuoğlu Şerefeddin Vocational School of Healthcare Services have already engaged in the training. Some further steps will be taken in order to move on to the accreditation process after the training is over and the school has been certified. Thus, our school will become internationally recognized and exchanges and joint projects with other international institutions will be made possible.”

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